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Children’s Books

I Wish It Were Raining – what weather are you wishing for?

Strawberry Scoreberries – a funny fruity picture book!   

The Christmas Starfish –  Mr. Starfish debuts in this amusing seasonal classic tale!

Mr. Starfish and the Mystery Skull – the rhyming echinoderm returns in a Halloween adventure.

Flash Fiction Anthologies

Always Read The Label: Caring For Your Smalls And Delicates – Story 255 in Nonsensically Challenged Volume 3

Time Flies When The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease – Story 189 in Tritely Challenged Volume 2

The Lake Between  – Story 78 in Prepositionally Challenged Volume 1

Lost The Thread – Story 074 in  Topically Challenged Vol

A Great Feat – included in 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology, a collection of 81-word stories – 1,000 stories by 1000 authors.

A six word story in Six Word Memoirs – a collection of stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes, told in only 6 words.