An odd collection of blogs that I occasionally add stuff on.

Pocket Picture Taker

Lets start off with a weird one. 

Several years ago my mobile phone started playing up. It had a “click” sound set for photos taken and, somewhat bizarrely, whatever I was doing (driving, walking, talking) out of nowhere I could hear rapid “click-click-click” in my pocket. So, I would take my phone out to see what was going on! 99.9% of the pictures were just a black screen, but some were, well, hmm – Pocket Picutre Taker was born. 

Random Stuff From My Life in the 70s, 80s and 90s


Well, that’s a mouthful. Random Stuff From My Life in the 70s, 80s & 90s exists because I’m a bit of a hoarder. Not one shoebox of life – I have loads of them! Or should that be “had?” After decades I have trimmed some of this stuff. 

I thought I’d blog some of this stuff in case it brings back some memories for readers. I’ve still got quite a bit to document, which I get bored of doing, so I post quite sporadically. 

Original StarWars


As a child growing up in the 70s and 80s I  managed to amass a pretty decent Star Wars collection. As the mid-80s approached my brother and I were “persuaded” to sell our Star Wars collections in the local freeads and at car boot sales. For me, at least the sale funded my brief flirtation with Transformers. But it left a hole somewhere deep inside. 

In the early 90s I treated myself to the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS (before it was tinkered with) and I started attending car boots to “buy back” my collection. It went a bit further – comic book shops, 2nd hand shops, freeads and trade-sellers (buying stuff by post!) I ended up with a lot more than I originally had. Because my friends and family knew of my interest they would buy me Star Wars stuff, albeit more modern things (the prequels were coming out by this time.)

Anyway, long story trimmed, I figured before selling this stuff again I’d blog it for posterity. Only scratched the surface so far.

Other Blogs

Just like 1970s comedian, Jimmy Cricket, there’s more, there’s more. 

These other blogs are more random, even less populated, less interesting and even less updated than the ones I have mentioend already. Anyway, you can find links to them on my other blogs if you want more.

Oooh, quick honourary blog mention for MaJaTo Scribes. Although it is a blog, it has been mentioned in the writing section of this site instead.