Flash Fiction Books

I have contributed to a few flash fiction books over the years, all of which are listed below for your convenience.

A Great Feat – included in 81 Words Flash Fiction Anthology, a collection of 1,000 stories all 81 words long.

Time Flies When The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease – Story 189 in Tritely Challenged Volume 2 – 100 cliché crammed flash fiction stories written by 100 different authors.

The Lake Between – Story 78 in Prepositionally Challenged – 100 flash fiction stories with EVERY sentence ending in a preposition.

Always Read The Label: Caring For Your Smalls And Delicates – Story 255 in Nonsensically Challenged Volume 3 – 100 flash fiction stories stuffed with nonsense!

Lost The Thread – Story 074 in Topically Challenged Vol.1 – 100 flash fiction stories all inspired by news articles.

A six word story in Six Word Memoirs – a collection of stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes, told in only 6 words.

Coming soon! A 42-word vampire story (sorry, keeping the title secret for now) to be included in a 42 Words Anthology.