Scoreberries & Rain

Strawberry Scoreberries is a fun picture book for pre-schoolers!

What happens when a strawberry gets a bump? STRAWBERRY is a SORE BERRY! You get the idea. Oh, and the berries enjoy a game of football too!
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Strawberry Scoreberries - copyright Mark J. Towers

I Wish It Were Raining is my latest picture book, perfect for parents and toddlers to enjoy reading together.

Sun, wind, snow, rain – What weather do you wish for, and what would you do? Maybe it’s splashing in puddles all day or flying a kite as it soars like a bird in the windiest of winds. As the stars twinkle at the end of a busy day playing outside, it’s time for the biggest goodnight hug before bedtime. This story is in the form of a playful rhyming text of weather and sky inspired scenes to spark a child’s imagination.
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