Mr. Starfish

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? 

Spongebob Square Pants, obviously! 

Who makes a wish with a Christmas tree?

The rhyming echinoderm, Mr. Starfish-y!

Mr. Starfish

Okay, I can’t rhyme as well as our friend, Mr. Starfish, but I do get the joy of converting his tales in to stories for all the family to enjoy.

There are several Mr. Starfish stories in various stages of development, so keep an eye on my social media channels for the latest news.

Mr. Starfish and the Mystery Skull

After a very long wait, Mr. Starfish returned in a new tale. 2022 saw the return of the rhyming starfish in a brand-new bumper-sized Halloween adventure.

The Christmas Starfish – A seasonal favourite!

The Christmas Starfish was first published way back in 2014, several years after I first penned the story. As a perfectionist and a procrastinator (double whammy!), I wasn’t happy with it. It needed a tweak but I was too busy getting NorfolkPlaces off the ground, so I pulled it from the shelves and it got parked for a while.

With 2020 being such a challenging year it seemed like the right time for this story to be shared once more, so in a flurry of activity I did a spot of editing, a little bit of magic and voila!

I don’t really consider myself an illustrator (though both my Grandad’s were artists, so I guess it is in the blood), so I did contemplate getting a proper illustrator to do the artwork. However, after much reflection I decided to stick with my own illustrations because I think there’s a certain charm to them. They’ll certainly be easier for young readers to draw their own versions!

The Christmas Starfish and Mr. Starfish and the Mystery Skull are available to buy on Amazon NOW!


Mr. Starfish’s New Jumper

This is a very short story. I hastily scribbled this on Christmas Day 2020 for my social media followers.

Click here to read Mr. Starfish’s New Jumper


The Halloween Starfish?

Mr. Starfish asked me if I could come up with a pumpkin costume for Halloween for a new story. He wasn’t that impressed with my first attempt, but I shared on social media anyway! What do you think?

UPDATE 2022 – At the time of doing this (2020) I didn’t know that 2 years later this costume could make an appearance in Mr. Starfish’s next adventure!